Ghost immobiliser from Autowatch

You deserve peace of mind – The Ghost Immobiliser Protects you against key thieves – even if they have your keys they can’t drive away   The Ghost prevents key cloning or ECU swapping. Thieves can’t use diagnostic equipment to steal your vehicle, it simply won’t work.    Thieves can’t use sophisticated RF scanning, code grabbing technology against The Ghost   Anti Hi-Jacking security is built in.

The Ghost is a next generation device that secures your vehicle without cutting wires or adding after-market key fobs. The device is connected to the vehicles CAN data network and a personalised PIN code is programmed into the Ghost from  buttons on the dash and steering wheel.   You’re In charge – You enter a unique pin code using the original buttons on your steering wheel or dashboard to start your vehicle.   There is also an Emergency override facility and  a service / valet mode. Disarm Code can be changed by the driver at any time. Only you will know the unique PIN code for your vehicle